Alfabilder font

By Peter Wiegel, original typeface by Carl Albert Fah on Sep 05, 2018



Translated from the original German description: Alfa Images is a so-called initial sound character set, ie a font that does not consist of letters, but from drawings of things that begin with each sound. In addition, some end of a word and diphthongs are (ei au, eu) are considered. On numbers and punctuation symbols are divided in two dominoes so from 0-0 to 9-9, any image can represent. They are used for counting and arithmetic exercises.

Alfa images is designed as a free font, therefore, can, yes to even thus created worksheets are passed. Possible together with this document as open files to be processed can. All graphics on this font were specially drawn for this purpose and are free of rights, so can this font also fully as "Clipart Collection" or use them for commercial projects. Only the sale of the font itself is prohibited.
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Alfabilder Regular