CAT Hohenzollern font

By Peter Wiegel on Aug 28, 2018

CAT Hohenzollern

CAT Hohenzollern

CAT Hohenzollern

Google translation of the original description in German: Recently I was informed that there is a new vectorization on the Internet, Vector Magic. This car Trace program should be significantly better than what could previously install on his computer.

However, one can not buy the program to be installed on his PC, but you can either for $ 7.95 a month or subscribe for a one-time payment of $ 295.00 so permanently and unlimited be able to vectorize. If the program really is as good as the seller says, then of course you may save so a lot of work.

Kind enough to offer the seller for a first test for free and that you can perform two vectorization and download the result also. So I did the test with a scanned type specimen sheet Hohenzollern font. And yes, that what this company offers is there already a lot better than anything I've experienced so far with an automatic trace of pixel graphics, but that's just not as good as the featured pattern from the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, I decided to use the so-created data for the preparation of a new font, even if here the restriction that the contours just are not my usual quality scale. Nevertheless, I believe that doing a perfectly usable font is created.

And when finished with the roman characters so I felt that this font as well is also suitable for the Cyrillic script. So I developed these additional characters. By the way, the adjacent quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is then found in the Russian sample text, albeit a little cut small.
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CAT Hohenzollern Regular