Galactic Basic font

By Erikstormtrooper on Sep 15, 2020

Galactic Basic

This font is based on - but differs slightly from - the Aurebesh
lettering created by West End Games. My focus has been to accurately
populate this font with letters that are seen in the movies of the
original trilogy. After close examination of screenshots and officially
available information, many letters have been revised or replaced.

Letters that do not appear in the trilogy were replaced. These include:
Grek, Jenth, Osk, and Resh. (If you don't know what any of these letter
names mean, don't worry about it; this info is for the Aurebesh
purists.) Grek has been replaced with a modified version of Enth. Osk
has been replaced with Orenth. Resh has been replaced by Nen. Jenth has
been replaced with an entirely new letter, which I refer to as Jul. All
other letters have been severely modified for accuracy. Arabic numerals
(1,2,3, etc) have been used in the font, since Arabic numerals were used
in the original trilogy. See the attached galbasic_table.gif for a full
table of Galactic Basic letters and their respective keys.

NOTE: This font is simply a personal interpretation. It will not allow
you to translate anything seen in the movies. I apologize if your
favorite letters have been changed or removed.

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Galactic Basic Regular