Kitahara Brush Script demo vers font

By Balibilly Design at Jun 19, 2021

Kitahara Brush Script demo vers

Kitahara Brush Script demo vers

Kitahara Brush Script demo vers

Kitahara Brush Script demo vers

Kitahara Brush Script demo vers

Kitahara Brush Script Font bridged by the previous version of Kitahara Script which is adopting a clean and casual version of script typeface and now Kitahara comes with a different texture, but still flexible shape like before.

The ability of this font is perfect for all content on any platform and exactly standing-on typeface blending with your beautiful work.
Kitahara brush including stylistic alternate, special Character, and double word ligature.
Touch up your work with this typeface, because we build the shape perfectly fit for headline and paragraph text.
Kitahara Brush version provides a perfect balance of natural captivating lettering for your design projects.
Kitahara Brush version is also suitable for use in invitations, digital content, like Instagram posts, youtube videos, Facebook pages, branding sets, and more.

You can access all those alternate characters by using OpenType savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, and other software.


* Basic Latin alphabet A-Z and a-z
* Numbers
* Punctuation
* Multilingual support
* Stylistic alternate & Swash
* Ligature


* OTF file
* TTF file
* WOFF file


_The mockups and image are for preview purposes only and not included in the download file._

Thank you for downloading it!

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Kitahara Brush Script demo vers Regular